6th Conference 2023

Civil Society Mensa Serbia

and partners

invite you to

The Sixth International

Professional and Scientific Conference

“Working with the Gifted: Methods and Programs”

29 September – 1 October 2023, Novi Sad


Venue: University of Novi Sad – Rectorate,1 Zorana Đinđića Street.

NEW: Program of the Conference

The Aim of the Conference:

After five conferences, where we covered topics related to defining giftedness, recognizing the gifted, the role and importance of a stimulating environment for the development of the gifted, various social systems that are important for creating an environment in which the gifted develop, and the development of giftedness throughout the entire life cycle, this year we want to cover concrete methods, programs and procedures that encourage the development of giftedness and creativity in different areas and for the needs of different generations.

Considering that during the previous years, we have already gathered a significant number of experts who recognize and work with the gifted, we want to create a space for the exchange of knowledge about techniques, methods, procedures and programs that arise, develop and show results that are visible in the lives of gifted children, young people and adults and help them discover, develop and use their talents. We expect that through exchanges of knowledge and discussions on these topics, we will become more prepared for their application and thus contribute to the visibility of good practices for working with the gifted.

As in previous conferences, we want to encourage discussions, presentations of examples of good practice, and workshops for conference participants. We want to make the conference a place to create new opportunities for cooperation and learning from international experiences and the multidisciplinary approach of experts, practitioners, educators, employers, policy makers and all stakeholders.

We sincerely hope you will recognize your interest in joining us!

Participants: The conference is intended for educators, teachers, professional associates, special educators, medical doctors, public service employees, administrations and boards, media workers, students and everyone else who meets and deals with gifted children, youth and adults and their families, from Serbia and abroad.

Conference Languages: Serbian, languages of the region and English.

The conference will be accredited as a form of professional training for those employed in educational institutions in the Republic of Serbia.

We invite you to register your participation in the Conference in the form of oral presentations, poster presentations, workshops, or to participate as a listener, without presentation.

For your presentation you can choose any of the following sub-themes:

  • Methods and programs of working with the gifted in various fields;
  • Current and alternative approaches in working with the gifted;
  • Methods and techniques of recognition and identification of gifted children, youth and adults;
  • Additional support for gifted people;
  • Methods of empowering professionals to work with the gifted;
  • Support programs for the families of the gifted;
  • Labor market and attitude towards the gifted;
  • Institutional forms of support for giftedness;
  • International cooperation in the field of giftedness;
  • Giftedness – interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity;
  • Institutions and non-governmental organizations, citizens’ associations and professional associations working with the gifted.


Important dates:

 – By1July 2023 Abstract submission deadline (for oral or poster presentation)

– 15July 2023  Abstract acceptance notification (with instructions for necessary corrections)

– 20 July 2023  Deadline for submission of corrected papers

– 15 August 2023  Submission of the complete paper

– 29 August 2023  Paper acceptance notification

– 5 September 2023 Deadline for submission of corrected papers in their entirety

–    6 September2023 Deadline for registration fee payment for participants – presenters and authors of the papers in the Book of Proceedings.

– Registration fee:

by 20 July 2023–Early payment at a lower price

by20 September 2023–Payment at the regular price.


Registration fee

The registration fee per person for participation in the three-day conference, depending on the date of payment and category of participants:

Registration fee includes:

  • The presence and/or participation in the Conference;

– Printed Conference Program and the Book of Abstracts;

– Printed Book of Proceedings;

– Certificate of Participation (for all conference participants) and Certificate of Attendance of Professional Development (for those employed in educational institutions in the Republic of Serbia);

  • Accompanying work material;
  • Welcome cocktail;
  • Refreshments at work breaks.

Registration and the method of payment

Register your participation in the Conference by 1 July 2023 at the latest (if you wish to have a presentation) or by 10 September 2023 (if you are a participant without a presentation) by filling out the registration form. After filling in the registration form, you will receive by e-mail the invoice and instructions for payment of the registration fee. If you are unwilling or unable to physically attend the Conference, please note that streaming and online participation will be available.

Instructions for registering an abstract (for oral or poster presentation, or the workshop)

To register for presenting at the Conference, one should apply by filling out the registration form and by submitting the summary of the presentation (for all forms of presentation: oral and poster presentations, workshops) by e-mail to: konferencija@mensa.rs, by 1 July 2023.

Abstracts of oral presentations and poster presentations

The abstract is submitted in the two official languages of the conference (in Serbian or one of the languages of the region, and in English) and must have the following characteristics:

Letter: Latin or Cyrillic

Volume: up to 500 words

Format: Word(.doc or .docx)

Font: Times New Roman

Line spacing: 1,0

Font size:

− Title (Serbian/one of the languages of the region and English), 14 pt, bold, capital;

− Authors with affiliations (Serbian/one of the languages of the region and English), 12 pt, regular;

−Abstract (up to 500 words), 12 pt, regular;

Keywords (up to 5), 12 pt, italic.

Make sure to write the summary respecting IMRAD format (extract: the aim of the paper/research, method, results and conclusion or specific recommendations). The abstract does not need to contain references.

Template of abstract format


SUMMARY/ABSTRACT FOR THE WORKSHOP should contain the name of the workshop, the authors of the workshop and the affiliations, the goal and the outcomes of the workshop. Specify the maximum number of participants.

Note: The length of the workshop can be up to 60 minutes.

General notes:

One author may register with up to two presentations, no matter the form of presentation (either as an author or co-author). Each paper can have a maximum of four authors.

All submitted papers will be sent to an anonymous peer review for assessment of satisfaction of conditions for acceptance for presentation at the Conference and publication in the Book of Abstracts.


The length of oral presentations is limited to 10 minutes with additional 5 minutes for discussion and questions.

Poster presentations should have a maximum size of 80x110cm, portrait or landscape orientation with the text clearly visible from a 2-meter distance. The authors of poster presentations are supposed to bring their posters to the Conference. At the scheduled time according to the Conference Program, they are expected to stand next to the poster presentations to communicate with the interested participants. After the scheduled time for poster presentations, the authors are expected to remove their posters.

For accepted oral presentations: All presenters (regardless of whether they present live or online) are kindly requested to send their presentations to the e-mailkonferencija@mensa.rs (in PowerPoint) no later than 27 September 2023.

Abstracts of oral presentations of scientific/professional papers and poster presentations and workshops registered for the Conference will be published in the Book of Abstracts of the Conference. Abstracts of authors who do not pay the registration fee for participation in the Conference until 6 September 2023 will not be printed in the Book of of Abstracts or listed in the Conference Program.


Instructions for complete papers

The complete presentations of the Conference will be printed in full in the Book of Proceedings, providing that the authors prepared them in the form of a scientific/professional article, according to these Instructions, and sent the text to the conference address (konferencija@mensa.rs) no later than 15 August 2023.

The Book of Proceedings will be published in printed form and prepared for the dates of the conference with ISBN and UDC identifications.

The review process, feedback and corrections will be completed by 5 September 2023. Authors can expect the first information on the acceptance of the paper for publication in the Book of Proceedings within two weeks from the submission of the paper. The authors undertake to make the requested changes no later than 5 September 2023.

After review, if necessary, the paper will be returned to the author for final revision/completion in accordance with the Instructions.

Papers will be reviewed by competent local and international reviewers. Papers will be checked for plagiarism and self-plagiarism during the review process.

The languages ​​of publication are: Serbian, the languages ​​of the region or English.

One author/co-author may appear in a maximum of two (2) papers. The number of authors and co-authors: maximum four (4) in one paper.


The paper must have the following characteristics:

Language: Serbian, regional languages ​​or English, with abstract in the language in which the paper was written and in English. For papers in English (for authors from abroad) we can provide a translation into Serbian.

Volume: up to 10 pages of A4 format (original scientific paper), 5–10 pages (professional and review paper). One page has 1800 characters.

Reviews of publications on giftedness, not longer than two pages, can also be published in the Book of Proceedings (all relevant information about the publication should be provided: authors’ names, title of the publication, publisher, place and year of publication, short content, comment by the author of the review).

Papers are submitted in.docx format.

Font: Times New Roman, Cyrillic or Latin alphabet.

Line spacing: 1,5

Images and graphs: Illustrations, photographs, tabular and similar attachments are submitted as an attachment to the text. They must be in a format and resolution suitable for printing.

Illustrations should be submitted in the form of digital images in .eps, .tiff or .jpg format (maximum quality). Please note that the print is black and white, not color.

Provide tables and graphs in .docx format. Send the tables and pictures in a separate document and clearly indicate the place, number and name of the attachment in the text of the paper.

The paper should contain:

Title in Serbian or the languages of the region and in English (mandatory)– 14 pt, bold, capital;

Names and surnames of all authors– 12 pt, regular;

Affiliates, in this order: Institution, city, country– 10 pt, regular;

Abstractin Serbian/the languages of the region and in English, up to a maximum of 300 wordseach– 12pt, regular;

Keywords: up to 5 words– 12 pt, italic;

Text structure of the paper (Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, Conclusion) – 12pt, regular;

References– 10 pt, regular; Quote style: APA 7.

Template of paper format

The condition for publishing the abstract, as well as the complete paper, is the paid registration fee for the first author of the paper, i.e. the author who presents the paper. Paper for which no registration fee has been paid until 6 September 2023 will not be included in the Conference Program, Book of Abstracts or the Book of Proceedings.

Authors can submit their work only for publication in the Book of Proceedings, without the obligation to present the paper at the Conference. In this case, the first author of the paper must pay the amount of one registration fee for the costs of reviewing and publishing the paper in the Book of Proceedings, no later than 6 September 2023.

For all additional questions and communication with the organizers and editorial staff, please send the enquiry to: konferencija@mensa.rs

Conference Program

The exact Conference Program will be published on the web page of the Conference by 15 September 2023 at the latest.

We are expecting your application for participation at the Conference and look forward to hosting you in Novi Sad.

Kind regards!

Conference Organizing Committee


Conference Organizers

Mensa Serbia

Higher Professional School for the Education of Teachers, Novi Sad

National Talents Center

Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad


Conference Partners:

Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Belgrade

LINK Educational Alliance


Association of Educators of Vojvodina