1st Conference 2017

and partners:
Higher Professional School For The Education Of Teachers, Novi Sad
Society of Special Education Teachers of  Vojvodina
Association of Pre-school Teachers of Vojvodina

have organized

First International Conference “Giftedness – identification and support”

in Hotel Putnik, Novi Sad, Serbia
29. september – 1. october 2017


The aim of the conference:
Consideration of theoretical assumptions and practical experiences in working with gifted, talented and exceptional children, youth and adults; exchange of knowledge and skills related to work with gifted; consideration of achievements and perspectives for the development of relations with the gifted persons; raising awareness of all participants in the various sectors of the needs for additional care and special consideration of gifted persons.

The conference is intended for pre-school and school teachers, psychologists, educators, special education teachers, medical doctors, employees of public services and administration, media workers, students and others who  engage in their work with gifted, talented and exceptional children, youth and adults, both from Serbia and from abroad.

Conference Languages: Serbian and English.


– Educational work with gifted (talented and exceptional) children, youth and adults;
– Enrichment of the knowledge and skills of the gifted;
– Current approaches in the work with the gifted;
– Detection and identification of gifted children, youth and adults;
– Raising gifted children;
– Additional support to the gifted;
– Ethical issues regarding the gifted;
– Stimulating programs for the gifted;
– Strengthening professionals to work with gifted;
– The attitude of the society towards the gifted.

Take a look at the Conference program.